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Aerosol Products: What Are They and How Do They Affect Us?

These little particles affect our health and the environment more than you think!

Aerosols are microscopic particles originated from a variety of natural and man made sources such as volcanic eruption,burning fossil fuels, dust, sea salt, biomass burning, aerosol spray and many more.

"Aerosols have a far bigger role to play in climate change and global warming than originally thought". Dr. Amber Jenkins

Aerosols particles change the climate as they affect the radiation balance on earth.

It can happen from the particles absorbing the sunlight or from the particles blocking the clouds from dropping water such as rain or snow and by that making an excess amount of clouds affecting the climate.

Aerosols affect the earth's energy both in a direct and indirect ways- solar radiation, temperature changes, precipitation, cars, airplanes which creates more greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide which finally lead to instability of the whole ecosystem. Solar radiation and carbon dioxide contribute to the warming of the surface which increases the greenhouse effect and therefore contributing to the global climate change.

Apart from the massive effect on our planet it affects human's health too as the air we breath contain this fine particles and we breath these particles into our lungs. Air pollution has been linked to increase risk of heart disease, stroke, lung disease, asthma, and more. Many people around the world argue about the authenticity of the climate changes but it is clear now that the more fine material we have in the air, human's health will be affected.

"Overall, humans have increased the total amount of particles floating around in the atmosphere, which is about twice as dusty now as it was in the 19th century." ALEJANDRA BORUNDA, national geographic - aerosol explained

So what can we do to avoid supporting this cycle? First as always is to be aware, to know what aerosols is and what it does. Second is to know what are the products and actions in our daily life which increases the aerosols discharge. Here is the list of some of the products which contains aerosols: Fabric protector, cooking sprays, cleaning disinfectants & products, hairspray, deodorants, lubricants, spray paint, air fresheners and basically any aluminum cylinders or containers that act as a spray bottles to dispense the aerosol filling as a mist or foam. Another thing is using the car, clothes dryers, setting a fire and anything that releases these particles to the atmosphere.

All of us need to use a car to go out, even from time to time setting a small fire when we're out camping and that's ok, we live our lives and its not expected from us to stop doing that but if we will acknowledge it and care about it - the reduction will come.

Another alternative for people who want to use aerosol products but stay as much environmentally friendly as possible is the bag on valve filling spray. The bag's packaging is recyclable and separates the product particles from the air inside the bottle. Mainly used in aluminum cans with an inch opening for crimping the valve. Some people claim that it is not completely sustainable as it is still releasing particles to the atmosphere.

When you know all of that the first thing we recommend you to do is slowly lower your consumption. Try to use these products the least you can and also make or look for a nice replacement to it.

We hope that by reading this article you have learned a new thing which increases your awareness. Keep nourishing yourself with important information that can help you, your loved ones and the planet . Please share, like and B-Eco!