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D.I.Y Natural Deodorant

Did you know that the conventional deodorant harms you? The natural deodorant is healthier and works better than you think read the post below and learn more about this topic

We use the conventional deodorant in our day to day life to prevent sweating and to keep ourselves fresh and not smelly with the help of the aluminium, however, did you know that it is very harmful to our body?

Aluminium - Despite its prevalence in the environment, no living organism is known to use aluminium salts metabolically. Because of its size similarity to other chemicals such as iron, calcium and magnesium it can take place where these chemicals should be absorbed and cause lack of these minerals.

In science today we know that excess use of aluminum can cause disease such as Alzheimer's disease, Autism spectrum disorders, Breast cancer and many more.

Another factor that we need to be aware of is that when our body feels warm it produces sweat to cool down and reduce heat that can cause damage to our cells.

When we prevent our body from sweating it sweats from another places such as chest, belly, back, hands, forehead and causes excess heat in the armpits.

Did you know that there are lymph nodes right next to your armpits? The aluminium can clog those lymph nodes, and your pores!

The lymphatic system is our body’s "sewerage system" and you surely don't want all the waste of your body to be stuck there, when it is not working well it may have a role in obesity, crohn’s disease, swelling and other disorders.

So what to do if we are not using the aluminium deodorant?

First we need to understand how the smell occurs, when we sweat in our body the sweat makes the area acidic, the low PH makes a perfect habitat for germs to grow and they are smelly. The main idea of natural deodorants is to prevent the acidity so the germs won't grow and make our armpits smelly.

The solution is very simple, bicarbonate, baking soda. The PH of baking soda is high so when we rub it on our sweaty armpits it will naturally balance it and make the smell go. Try it when you get a chance, make sure you try it after a good exercise and put the baking soda, yes, the one you have in your kitchen and rub it on your armpits, the results are instant and surprisingly great!

Another great profit we have for ourselves and the environment is that we don't consume products from the big corporations who usually use plastic containers, in addition we reduce the carbon footprint and save money!

We are happy to share with you here our simple, fun and easy to make deodorant, enjoy!

The recipe:

For the deodorant base you will need a bowl and a bit smaller pot so you can make a Bain-marie. In the bowl we put:

35g Coconut oil