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Different Uses For a Nut Milk Bag

And why it is so good for us and the environment

I used to go to the organic store to get my almond milk that does not contain sugar in it and other artificial and other unhealthy ingredients but to be honest with you, most of the time I could not find exactly what I was looking for so I had to compromise - you can't always have exactly what you want especially when you depend on others isn't it? But what happens when it comes to you? Did you know that there are some ways of having an healthier nut milk in a very easy and simple way and at the same time more sustainable and eco-friendly? We are sharing here the best option for you in every aspect. Did you ever wonder how you can make your own milk (either oat, almond, hazelnut, cashew and many more).

How to make homemade nut milks?

You can find machines called nut milk makers which are quite easy to use, but in our opinion the best, cheapest and healthiest way to make your own nut milk is to use an organic and unbleached cotton strainer or a BPA free nylon nut milk bag.

Using a nut milk bag - step by step on how to make some delicious, natural nut milk: 1. Soaking your desired nut

Soaking the nuts for a couple of hours - it helps cleaning the nuts and activating their health benefits - essential nutrients such as iron, protein, calcium, and zinc are better absorbed by the body when you soak the nuts. The water removes the phytic acid present in acids which causes indigestion. Soaking nuts helps in digesting them properly and reaping the benefits of these nutrients. With the brown skin ones such as brazil nuts, pecans, walnuts, or almonds, it is better to soak at least 6 hours. The rest you can leave for 2 hours approx. Rinse the soaked nuts until the water is clear.

2. Put your nuts inside the blender

Put the nuts in your food processor or blender and add two cups of water for every cup of nuts.

3. Only if desired - add some natural sweetener

Before blending you can also add some dates, sultanas, bananas, coconut, agave syrup or stevia.

4. Blend it baby!

Start with a low speed to crash all the nuts and slowly increase the speed. You want to stop blending when the crashing sound stops. It is important to be careful not to blend too much or it will be hard to squeeze the milk out of the bag as the fibers will be small enough to block the tiny holes of your milk bag.

5. Set up your nut milk bag inside a bowl

Make sure the bag is not moving so when you pour the blended nuts into the bag it won't slip out into the bowl.

6. Pour the blended nut milk into the bag