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Ethical & Sustainable Consumption


In this post we basically want you to deeply understand what are the consequences for using and consuming plastic and all that is related to it.

Let's start by asking... Why this topic is an issue? why people go out, protest and fight? Why there are so many organizations out there that are looking for people like us to join and help to make a change. We believe that the main issue here is that this huge topic is not something we usually talk about. Imagine that half of the people were talking and sharing this information we were in a different situation.

This is why awareness, talking about it, sharing the idea and realizing the consequences of any product you buy or already have at home may help you change your everyday lifestyle and of the people around you.

Adopting an eco friendly lifestyle doesn't require much.

These days, we tend to disconnect from nature as we are tangled into our busy daily lives, coming back from work, school or any activity straight back to our home which mostly happens to be in the city, because of that we forget our truth. Ask yourself, when was the last time you took a walk after a busy day? The connection with the outside world-nature, people, animals, etc. is important as it puts you out to confront the world outside of your bubble.

This fast solution for everything made us consume without even doubting if we really need it. Try to expand your awareness for the most "simple" things you have around you now. We invite you to search for one object you have in your room and think for a moment who was involved in the process. The big cooperation is using people from third world countries and treat them as slaves. Few years ago when we realized that this is the situation it blew our mind and changed our perception. Since then every item we see out there one of us will doubt and ask: "is there slavery involved? Did they suffer making that for us?"

Click here for more details about modern slavery

It's not something that easy to grasp and move on with at least not for us.. These days everything around us comes in stocks and usually made from cheap material such as plastic just to use it, throw away and buy a new one. And you can imagine where it is all go? We invite you too look now at the whole picture- not only you buying single use plastics-but millions of us who do the same.

Reducing the plastic from our daily lives in the long run will help to minimize the plastic from our planet so if we decide to go plastic free all the big companies will have to go eco as we keep buying and supporting this eco friendly system.

How to get started?

In B-Eco we always try to be as much transparent as we can to deliver the most sustainable and eco-friendly information and products, check Our Sustainable Shop to see a variety of reliable small businesses with products that match our values.

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