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Toilet Paper - The Dirty Side

Toilet paper is so common in our world and it affects our ecosystem so much. Join us as we explore the effects of toilet paper production and share sustainable solutions for a better world

let's start with the numbers:

The Environmental impact of toilet paper

The 42 million tons of toilet paper used globally annually have a significant environmental impact. The productions require:

  • 712 million trees

  • 1,165 millions tons of water

  • 78 million tons of oil

The toilet paper was known for humans long before the industrial toilet paper was invented, leaves, sticks, shells and water were common choices, depending on where we lived.

200 years BC, Chinea invented the paper and 8 centuries later it was widely used in China as toilet paper.

Commercial use of toilet paper first started in United States in 1857 by Joseph C. Gayetty and after him many companies followed along the years until today and became quite popular - among 30% of the world's population. The other 70% of people use different solutions to clean their bums, the most common one is water, like bidet.

712,000,000 Trees chopped down every year to produce toilet paper.

Now after all these facts we definitely understand that a sustainable solution must come as soon as possible to save our ecosystem and particularly our forests.

First of all, consume mindfully, whenever you are using toilet paper try to use the least you can. We can't control what public places buy but at home we definitely can, consider converting your family's choice to bidet, if that's not an option we found a perfect solution!